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Like so many Mum's out there, my kids have inspired me to work differently so I can spend time with them. I started Sienna Baby in 2014 when Sienna (my first!) started walking. A little latte business on the side to funnel my creative energies and solve a fashion dilemma. I wanted beautiful and safe shoes for my baby. 

Podiatrists recommended a soft sole to protect the foot but still encourage neurological feedback until around 24 months of age - so I started designing baby shoes that would protect my precious baby's feet (whilst still looking fabulous).

Our journey has been long and harrowing, lots of lessons along the way, we now design and make a beautiful product we are incredibly proud of. Our girls love them and we know your babies will to!

Give a baby the right pair of shoes and they will conquer the world!

Sienna Baby shoes are designed with so much thought and care and made with love, we know you'll love them as much as we do!

Sarah, Sean, Sienna and Stella xxx

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